Power Rangers



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If Saban is going to spend $100 million on "Power Rangers", why did
Dean Israelite only make $135 million back in the box office?
"Transformers" made $708 million in 2007. The producers had a strong
film budget, so what could possibly go wrong? Watch the midpoint on
"Transformers" and the midpoint on "Power Rangers." I won't spoil it
for you. You might get a good hint. Josh Trank of "Chronicle" could
have done a better job. He made $168 million over his $126 million tent
pole "Fantastic Four" in 2015. At least he made $42 million over the
measly $35 million. Granted that Josh Trank and Dean Israelite are not
Michael Bay, Joseph Kahn (another Generation X-er) made a superior
version that was mature and well-developed, with chemistry and heart,
and a intertwined story line that pulled the audience in, wanting for
more. It had action like "The Matrix" with gritty drama like SyFy's
"Battlestar Galactica". I felt his version moved the franchise forward
from the small screen to the big. However, the trend is to hire
Millennial filmmakers over Generation X filmmakers for budgets over
$100 million because (and I quote) "Millennials can only relate to
Millennials." Really? I mean REALLY? Forgot about Good Story-telling?
Hello??!! It is not about one generation relating to another
generation. Alfred Hitchcock even kicks butt in the post Millennial
era. And so another franchise died as quickly as "The Last Airbender."
Saban, try again please. Take my Alexander Hamiltons from these dying


Dean Israelite


Dacre Montgomery as Jason (Red Ranger)
Naomi Scott as Kimberly (Pink Ranger)
RJ Cyler as Billy (Blue Ranger)
Ludi Lin as Zack (Black Ranger)
Becky G. as Trini (Yellow Ranger) (as Becky G)
Elizabeth Banks as Rita Repulsa
Bryan Cranston as Zordon
Bill Hader as Alpha 5 (voice)
Matt Shively as Damo
Cody Kearsley as Hawkeye
David Denman as Sam Scott
Robert Moloney as Ted Hart
Anjali Jay as Maddy Hart
Sarah Grey as Amanda
Morgan Taylor Campbell as Harper
Caroline Cave as Beverly Scott
Kayden Magnuson as Pearl Scott
Lisa Berry as Candace Cranston
Wesley MacInnes as Bully
John Stewart as Detention Teacher
Fiona Fu as Zack's Mom
Clayton Chitty as Young Cop
Austin Obiajunwa as Random Kid
Kenneth Tynan as Freak
Amitai Marmorstein as Geek
Garry Chalk as Captain Bowen
Donald Adams as Homeless Man
Patrick Sabongui as Trini's Dad
Erica Cerra as Trini's Mom
Enrique Dante Miles Lopez as Twin #1 (as Enrique Lopez)