John Wick: Chapter 2



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I have to say after seeing "John Wick" in the cinema almost 3 years ago
I had high expectations on the sequel. I have watched the first part
about three more times now and it never became boring. My fear for this
sequel was that they couldn't get a good start into the new story. With
a few similarities that chapter 2 shared with first one this could have
been a huge let down. But god damn... this movie started strong and
oddly enough it started in a way that I didn't even think about. I
wouldn't say that the scenes were predictable just because they were so
different from all the other action movies I have seen. This movie
remains serious, whilst brilliantly combining dry humor with extreme
graphic and violent images. If you have watched this movie you will
remember this one scene... this one scene that you just can not get out
of your head sheer to it's immense (and freaking awesome) brutality.
"John Wick Chapter 2" is like a "Kingsman: The Secret Service" that
even though being funny, manages to stay serious throughout the entire
2 hours. It doesn't seem too long nor too short and strikes a good
balance between action sequences and story telling. In comparison to
the first one though Chapter 2 does not seem as realistic. John Wick
was a killer I thought could actually exist in real life after watching
the first movie. That was the reason I and I think many other loved
that film so much. Chapter 2 does lose some of it's credibility due to
a few action sequences. Remember, I am not talking about a Fast and
Furious like action scene here. This is criticism on a whole new level.
"John Wick: Chapter 2" went beyond my expectations and is in my opinion
better than the first one. Go watch this movie in the cinema if you
liked the part one. If you haven't seen the prequel I would recommend
you to catch up just because it's so good. Though it is not actually
necessary to follow and enjoy the story of Chapter 2. I hope this
review was helpful to some of you who couldn't decide whether to watch
this film in the cinema or wait for the Blu-Ray and DVD release. Go to
the cinema your money will be spend wisely. 8/10


Chad Stahelski


Keanu Reeves as John Wick
Riccardo Scamarcio as Santino D'Antonio
Ian McShane as Winston
Ruby Rose as Ares
Common as Cassian
Claudia Gerini as Gianna D'Antonio
Lance Reddick as Charon
Laurence Fishburne as Bowery King
Tobias Segal as Earl
John Leguizamo as Aurelio
Bridget Moynahan as Helen
Thomas Sadoski as Jimmy
Erik Frandsen as Numismatic
David Patrick Kelly as Charlie
Perry Yung as Doctor
Franco Nero as Julius
Youma Diakite as Lucia
Peter Serafinowicz as Sommelier
Luca Mosca as Italian Tailor
Midori Nakamura as Seamstress
Mario Donatone as Cardinal
Giorgio Carminati as Priest
Elli as Pawnbroker (as Elli Meyer)
Thaddeus Daniels as Nigerian
Margaret Daly as Operator
Christine Hollingsworth as Bartender
Ciscandra Nostalghia as Concert Singer
Chukwudi Iwuji as Akoni
Peter Stormare as Abram
Vadim Kroll as Cheslav