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If you ask anyone to list the top 10 film actors, chance is that "Tom
Cruise" would make many people's lists. He's in everything isn't he?
 Well, actually, no. Looking at his IMDb history, he's only averaged
just over a movie per year for several years. I guess he's just
traditionally made a big impact with the films he's done. This all
rather changed in the last year with his offerings of the rather
lacklustre "Jack Reacher: Never Go Back" (FFF) and the pretty dreadful
"The Mummy" (Ff) as one of this summer's big blockbuster
disappointments. So Thomas Cruise Mapother IV was sorely in need of a
upward turn and fortunately "American Made" delivers in spades."Based on a True Story" this is a biopic on the life of Barry Seal, a
hot shot 'maverick' (pun intended) TWA pilot who gets drawn into a
bizarre but highly lucrative spiral of gun- and drug-running to and
from Central America at the behest of a CIA operative Monty Schafer
(Domhnall Gleeson). All this is completely mystifying to Barry's wife
Lucy (Sarah Wright) who is, at least not initially, allowed to be 'in'
on the covert activities.The film is a roller-coaster ride of unbelievable action from beginning
to end. In the same manner as you might have thought "that SURELY can't
be true" when watching Spielberg's "Catch Me If You Can", this thought
constantly flits through your mind. At each turn Seal can't believe his
luck, and Cruise brilliantly portrays the wide-eyed astonishment
required. This is a role made for him. Also delivering his best performance in years is Domhnall Gleeson ("Ex
Machina", "Star Wars: The Force Awakens") as the CIA man with the
(whacky) plan. Large chunks of the film are powered by his manic grin.As an actress, Sarah Wright is new to me but as well as being just
stunningly photogenic she works with Cruise really well (despite being
20 years his junior - not wanting to be ageist, but this is the second
Cruise film in a row I've pointed that out!)). Wright also gets my
honorary award for the best airplane sex scene this decade!Written by Gary Spinelli (this being only his second feature) the
script is full of wit and panache and - while almost certainly (judging
from wiki) stretches the truth as far as Seal's cash-storage facilities
- never completely over-eggs the pudding. Doug Liman ("Jason Bourne", "Edge of Tomorrow") directs brilliantly,
giving space among the action for enough character development to make
you invest in what happens to the players. The 80's setting is lovingly
crafted with a garish colour-palette with well-chosen documentary video
inserts of Carter, Reagan, Oliver Stone, George Bush and others. It
also takes really chutzpah to direct a film that (unless I missed it)
had neither a title nor any credits until the end. The only vaguely negative view I had about this film is that it quietly
glosses over the huge pain, death and suffering that the smuggled drugs
will be causing to thousands of Americans under the covers. And this
mildly guilty thought lingers with you after the lights come up to
slightly - just slightly - take the edge off the fun.   Stylish,
thrilling, moving and enormously funny in places, this is action cinema
at its best. A must see film. (For the full graphical review of the film please visit http://bob-
the- Thanks.)


Doug Liman


Tom Cruise as Barry Seal
Domhnall Gleeson as Monty 'Schafer'
Sarah Wright as Lucy Seal
Jesse Plemons as Sheriff Downing
Caleb Landry Jones as JB
Lola Kirke as Judy Downing
Jayma Mays as Dana Sibota
Alejandro Edda as Jorge Ochoa
Benito Martinez as James Rangel
E. Roger Mitchell as Agent Craig McCall
Jed Rees as Louis Finkle
Fredy Yate Escobar as Carlos Ledher
Mauricio Mejía as Pablo Escobar
Robert Farrior as Oliver North
Morgan Hinkleman as Christina
Alberto Ospino as Manuel Noriega
Felipe Bernedette as Translator
Daniel Lugo as Adolfo Calero
Jayson Warner Smith as Bill Cooper (Snowbird #1)
William Mark McCullough as Pete (Snowbird #2) (as Mark McCullogh)
April Billingsley as Stewardess
Lauren Boyd as Secretary
Lauren Revard as Teller
Marcus Hester as Parka
Mike Pniewski as Willie (State Police)
Frank Licari as DEA Agent #1
Alex Collins as ATF #1
Scott Poythress as ATF #2
Connor Trinneer as George W. Bush / Texan